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UPS & Cable TV Batteries from The Battery Sell Company

The Battery Sell Company provides telecom batteries of two varieties, uninterruptable power supply and cable TV, through our Sanford Battery division, a leader in the field of standby power.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Batteries

When you buy a battery backup system to support sensitive applications, you're really buying security and peace of mind. The Battery Sell understands the need for a stationary battery that you can rely on.

The Battery Sell product line spans a wide range of applications from sophisticated telecommunications and computer backup to security and alarm systems. We design and assemble both standard and customized battery cabinets and rack systems to suit individual client requirements. Contact us for your personalized solution.

Cable TV Batteries

Sanford Battery also provides batteries specifically for the CATV industry. At unprecedented low prices, these batteries are being used by some of the largest CATV firms in Canada, Europe and the U.S.

Telecom Batteries
Telecom Battery
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