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Locomotive Batteries from The Battery Sell Company

The Battery Sell Company in Canada is pleased to offer a new generation of locomotive batteries that are constructed using a non-breakable dual container. The new design eliminates breakage due to the abuse batteries experience in rough environments, and a protective moisture-tight removable lid prevents water, dirt and falling metal debris from causing short circuits.

Each cell is assembled in its own inner container made of high temperature-retardant, durable polypropylene. The cells are then assembled into a high density polyethylene outer container with a moisture tight lid. Should an acid event happen, the acid would be contained by the secondary container, keeping your environment safe.

And, as a value-added extra, The Battery Sell can supply locomotive batteries with specially designed vent caps that nearly eliminate the need to add distilled water. Numerous railroads depend on this feature due to the installation location of their batteries.

Why Buy Locomotive Batteries from The Battery Sell?

Not only are our locomotive batteries recognized by all North American class 1 railroads, each battery comes with up to a 10 year warranty. Confident? Yes we are. Call us today to discuss your locomotive battery needs.

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