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Industrial Battery Sales & Repairs from The Battery Sell Company

Sanford Battery has been building industrial batteries since 1960, and with this much experience in batteries, our expert customer service begins well before we deliver a single item. When you call us to order, our sales and service personnel will suggest the right equipment to meet your requirements. We manufacture our Powercell line of industrial batteries with you in mind.

Battery Sell Co

Benefits of Powercell Batteries


When you choose Powercell, you’ll benefit from the following:


• Superior non-porous precision cast grids.

• Positive plates protected by vertical and horizontal glass mat.

• Positive plates surrounded by microporous separators.

• Exclusive tank formation that allows for close monitoring during formation charge.

• A product that’s fully compliant with Industrial Truck Association recommended practices.

• 3 & 5 year warranties available.


Why Get Powercell Batteries for Your Industrial Application?


You can depend on The Battery Sell Company’s for top results. Here’s what sets the Powercell product apart:


• From the casting of the initial grid to the final charge, Powercell Batteries are built to exacting standards

• Testing procedures include quality control inspections in each phase of production through to the final load tests

• The Battery Sell offers a state of the art heat sealed cover with a positive post floating bushing. Although this type of cell cover is more expensive than others, we feel the benefits more than offset the cost

• Both link shrouds and envelope separators are used on the industrial batteries we build


Battery Repair Services & Emergency Batteries


The Battery Sell maintains a service fleet with skilled service technicians highly trained in all aspects of battery building and repair.


Industrial Battery Accessories


In addition to industrial batteries, we offer a complete line of industrial battery accessories such as watering systems, rollers, testing equipment, safety equipment, battery handling equipment and motive power chargers. Contact us today to learn more or place an order.

Industrial Batteries
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