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Batteries & Accessories Sold to Canada & the United States

The Battery Sell Company stocks batteries for all applications. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, get in touch with us and we’ll track down the product quickly.

Learn more about each product here:

Industrial batteries

Wheelchair & scooter batteries

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) batteries

Cable TV batteries

Sealed lead acid batteries for

   • Motorcycles

   • Water sport vehicles

   • Snowmobiles

   • Garden tractors

   • Alarm systems

   • Emergency lighting

   • Solar storage

   • Medical equipment

   • Fire & security systems

Golf cart batteries

Locomotive batteries

Marine & RV batteries

Automotive batteries

Scrubber & sweeper batteries

Battery Accessories

The Battery Sell Company carries a selection of useful accessories:

• Cable ties
• Battery connectors
• Lugs (copper/tin plated)
• Industrial battery connectors
• SBC & SBF housings
• Battery/welding cable (copper/tinned)
• UL marine wire
• Custom cables
• Heat shrink tube
• Split loom
• Battery boxes
• Inverters
• Chargers
• Multi-battery isolators

Battery and attachments
Batteries & accessories

Call us at 888-863-6337 or locally in Toronto or Hamilton for more information on any of the following:

• Emergency lighting

• Solar batteries

• Commercial truck batteries

• Standby power emergency lighting batteries

• Portable power batteries

• Alkaline batteries

• Coin batteries

• Diesel start batteries

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